About Us


Established in 2009, Jaisanguine LLC is a US based Software consulting & services company offering consulting, marketing and branding solutions to SME & large enterprises in US & Canada. Our team includes experts from the field of Analytics, Artifical Intelligence, Smart-Tech, Digital Marketing, Market Research, SEO and Content to deliver extremely effective solutions & targeted campaigns to the right audience sets

With a collective experience of over 40 years, the management team brings to the table the experience of working with a variety of clients across 6 continents and 48 countries. We have a very good understanding of how the world is evolving to the new technology and put in a lot of effort to make sure we adapt quickly and pass on the right learnings to our clients so that they can always stay ahead of the curve.

We are an extremely performance driven organization with razor sharp analytics to help us continuously optimize the offerings that we work with our clients on. From the man hours put on the project to the deliverables to campaigns, everything we do is absolutely transparent and clients have real time visibility on the same. With Jaisanguine, clients get to work with someone who is more like a partner with the same zeal and enthusiasm that the client has to see the business grow. Our happiness is purely determined by one metric - Client’s success.